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Welcome to Mr. Cheezy Pizza, where the aroma of freshly baked pizzas and the sizzle of savory delights await you! Our establishment is a culinary haven that specializes in crafting mouthwatering pizzas, delectable pasta dishes, crisp and refreshing salads, and irresistible wings. At Mr. Cheezy Pizza, we take pride in using only the finest ingredients to create a symphony of flavors that will tantalize your taste buds.

Whether you’re a pizza enthusiast, a pasta connoisseur, a salad lover, or a wing aficionado, our menu has something for everyone. Each dish is prepared with care and precision, ensuring a delightful dining experience for our valued patrons. From classic Margherita pizzas to gourmet pasta options, fresh and vibrant salads, and perfectly seasoned wings, our diverse menu is designed to cater to a variety of tastes.

Join us at Mr. Cheezy Pizza for a culinary journey filled with cheesy goodness, savory indulgence, and a warm, inviting atmosphere. We’re not just a restaurant; we’re a destination for those who appreciate the art of fine dining and the joy of savoring every bite. Come, indulge in the Cheezy experience – where every slice, every pasta twirl, every bite is a celebration of flavor


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Opening Hours:
Mon day – Friday: 11AM – 9PM
Saturday: 11AM – 6PM
Sunday: 11AM – 5PM

1980 Ogilvie Rd, Gloucester, ON K1J 9L3, Canada


Cheezy Pizza And Pasta